Live and Silent Auction Items

Our auctions provide an important source of funding for our event, and a great way for attendees to acquire wonderful, sometimes one of a kind Mayberry related items. Here are just a few of the goodies that will be up for bid at this year’s VIP Celebrity Dinner and Auction.

Sure to be one of the most sought after items this year, a lovingly hand made quilt featuring vintage t-shirt designs from the Mayberry Days festival. Not only are these shirts hard to find on their own, but they’re preserved beautifully in this amazing quilt!

A must have for any Mayberry fan’s collection. This check signed by Francis Bavier was obtained from her estate after her passing. It’s beautifully matted and framed and ready to be displayed in a prominent place! Now, does anybody know Tillie Thornbery?

Herre’s your chance to own this Tony Penna driver personally owned by George Lindsey, Mayberry’s own Goober Pyle. Here it’s shown by Goober Tribute Artist Tim Pettigrew. Tim acquired this club directly from George and will vouch for its authenticity. This is a rare chance to own an item that once belonged to one of our favorite Mayberry characters.

Everyone’s belovded, our Sweet Romeena. Bid on this autographed photo of Jackie Joseph and Howard Morris. It’s beautifully matted and ready for framing.

In case you need to explain to your friends what the Green River Ordinance is, take along this signed photograph of Mark Miller as Bob Rogers. In the world of Mayberry collecting, this is a relatively rare piece. It’s beautifully matted and ready for framing.

Joy Ellison played several characters on The Andy Griffith Show. She may be best remembered as Effie Muggins from the Christmas Story. This autographed photo is beautifully matted and ready for framing.

How do you fight fire? How do you out fox a fox? Well, never fear, the answers to those questions are in this item up for bids. It’s the authentic (replica) “lawyer letter” sent by Bernard P. Fife, Attorney at Law. Two of the boys who sold Miracle Salve will be at this year’s festival. This letter will be personally signed by Dennis Rush and Keith Thibodeaux, Howie Pruitt and Johnny Paul Jason. A unique must have for the Mayberry collector in your life.

Though not directly from The Andy Griffith Show, this item has a special connection to it. An almost authentic oar from the S.S. Minow from Gilligan’s Island. It will be autographed by our dear Mayberry friend and wife of Gilligan, Bob Denver, Dream Denver.

To celebrate Ernest T’s getting his diploma from his Mother Figure, take this sign home. It has Ernest T’s sentence clearly spelled out in office supply signs.