Have Fun With our Mayberry Contests

This year’s festival is bigger and better in several ways. Some of the great fun we’ll have this year is through our contests. Whether you fancy yourself an expert in Mayberry Trivia, you have a little red-headed fellow in your family that everyone says looks just like Opie, or you’re know for making pies and pickles to rival Aunt Bee, there’s a contest for you. Some of our contests are being conducted through partnerships with local service organizations. The contests will help raise funds for the great work being done in our community. Visit our contests page at the following link to learn more about them and fill out an entry form.

Mayberry Contests

Mayberry and the Eclipse

This here Eclipse thing is bigger than the time that carnival fella came through town with that stuffed whale! Some folks from Mayberry Comes to Scottsburg will be at the big Eclipse Party in Scottsburg and we’ll be giving away Moon Pies! What else would you do on a day like that? Come out and see us, learn about our festival and take home a sweet treat. What’s your favorite flavor? We’ll have chocolate, vanilla and banana!

Mayberry and the 40 Acres Backlot

February 10, 2024, in Scottsburg, Indiana

with Randy Turner

Join us for a little Mid-Winter Mayberry boost! Noted Author, historian and expert on “The Andy Griffith Show” Randy Turner presents a fascinating look at the famed 40 Acres backlot that served as Mayberry. 40 Acres was also used in countless classic television shows and movies. The backlot was the filming location for “Gone with the Wind,” “King Kong,” “Star Trek,” “Batman,” “Hogan’s Heroes,” and many other movies and TV series. Randy will share interesting details about the shows and movies we all know and love using many rarely seen pictures and video clips. You’ll be amazed at all the familiar scenes created on the back lot. If you’re a lover of classic television and movies this is an event you won’t want to miss! There will be a Q&A session with Randy and an opportunity to purchase some of his wonderful books and other items.

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Mayberry Comes to Scottsburg Schedule

We’re excited to share all the wonderful things that will be happening in Scottsburg! In the coming days and weeks we’ll be providing more details about each of our special guests. We’ll also be publishing event times, locations and much more in an event newspaper that will be available in locations around town. We can’t wait to see you all here in a few weeks!
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Mayberry Tribute Artists Coming to Scottsburg

We’re proud to announce that a large group of nationally known Mayberry Tribute Artists will be joining us at Mayberry Comes to Scottsburg. These wonderful entertainers have been making events feel like the Mayberry for many years. They’ll be participating in lots of our activities including a parade, meet and greet sessions and just mingling with our attendees. They’ll be eager to meet you, pose for a picture and even sign autographs.

We’ll be sharing more details about each one in the coming weeks. For now, see if you can name all the characters that will be with us in Scottsburg!